Monday, 30 December 2013

Bread and Bean in Archway

Since moving from West  to North London - more specifically Archway -  I've been discovering nice little places around, and more recently found myself becoming almost a regular at the Bread and Bean cafe.

I'm not your usual coffee shop regular, firstly I don't drink coffee (or dairy) and in fact, when I think about coffee shops two things come to mind: 'easy listening' music and bad artworks on the wall. Although, the cafe still have their fair share of easy listening music, the other day they were playing a surprisingly good selection of Brazilian music (Vinicius de Moraes among others), their small but very welcoming interior made me want to enjoy my peppermint tea a little longer. The front room is warm but usually full, so head to the back room which is usually quieter and beautifully decorated with Hollywood's best.

The back room
Tea with Vivien Leigh

Last Saturday I had their Vegetarian English breakfast - it came with aspargus, spinach and the most delicious fried polenta...yes, fried polenta!! It was done to perfection seasoned with rosemary - It was like a beautiful dream!! If you don't know what fried polenta is - here is the recipe. Polenta is typically Italian but we know it all too well in Brazil - soft, hard, fried, you name it was a nice surprise to find it here, with my 'not so English' breakfast.

Fried Polenta: little triangles of deliciousness

If you ever in Archway - steer clear from Costa and head to Bread and Bean for something different. In the meantime here is some Brazilian music for you to enjoy it with your coffee/tea - Aquarela sang by Toquinho (lyrics Vinicius de Moraes e Toquinho).

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