Sunday, 10 August 2014

Famous Cats and Rain in London

After a fairly long stretch of warm weather - when I said 'long' I mean long for London - today's weather was a mixture of rain, wind and few sunny spells, thanks to hurricane Bertha (or the ex-hurricane Bertha) that hit London.
When the rain stopped and the sun came out, it was quite pleasant and I decide to go for a walk around Archway - I still could see black clouds which gave the sky a pretty dramatic aspect.

St. John's church on Holloway Road
With no specific plan in mind I made my way to Whittington Park near Upper Holloway station. I've been always intrigued by the 'cat' on the front of the park - that's a reference to Richard Whittington and his cat - Dick Whittington was a poor orphan boy, who set off to London to seek a better fortune.  But he soon found himself cold and hungry, and fell asleep at the gate of the home of a wealthy merchant named Fitzwarren who soon hired him to be the scullion in the kitchen, giving him lodging.
Whittington's cat

Dick is provided quarter at the Fitzwarrens' garret (room in the attic), which was infested with rats and mice. But Dick owned a cat, that he had bought for a penny which he made shining shoes. The cat controlled his rodent problem, which made her an indispensable companion.

The park isn't very big but it has a playground and a football pitch...also I found this lovely cat mosaic too.